100% Web Environment and Secure/Safe

Create your counts in 100% WEB environment following the best practices of the market


Adhering to the best practices of the IFPUG, NESMA, SISP and ISBSG

Version and Comparative

Manage your project versions through the generations of Baselines and comparatives of evolution


Work as a team with multi-user functionality

Metriccs is a
complete management solution for your
Software Metrics

Without using spreadsheets or desktop tools

How works

Responsive Tool

Fits on mobile phones, tablets, but also for browsers that are not maximized.*

Tracking Charts

Track the progress of your projects through a panel of information with charts and information for strategic management.


Receive notifications about the progress of your projects.

Business proposals

Generate powerful business proposals with function point analysis.


Integrated with the main tools of the market.


See how easy it is to manage your projects with automatic metric generation.


Create development projects according to the defined in the development area of your company

Gif de Projetos


Define versions of your projects to better keep pace with software evolutions

Gif de Versões

Generation of Software Metrics

Determine metrics for the versions of the projects, having the measurements as being a grouping of features within the versions.

Gif de Comparar Versões


Generate baselines of your versions to determine points of analysis of your projects, such as development Sprints

Gif Baseline

Commercial Proposal Generator

Generate powerful business propositions to send to your customers and does not cover less than you really should.

Gif Gerador de Propostas


Analyze your projects through reports with complete information on the generated metrics

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  • For academics, small projects and punctual demands.
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  • 1 User
  • Limited Management of Projects and Versions
  • Limited metrics generation
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    US $28,00 /month

  • For small businesses and software development teams.
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  • Full Service with 1 hour of Consulting per month.
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Project and Version Management
  • Unlimited metric management
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  • PRO

    US $150,00 /month

  • For large companies and software development teams
  • VIP Service with 4 hours of Consulting per month
  • Skype support
  • 5 Users
  • Unlimited Project and Version Management
  • Unlimited Generation of Metrics
  • Unlimited Baselines generation
  • Management Reports
  • Commercial Proposal Generator


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